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We start at 8:00 am, in the heart of ancient Rome, right in front of the Colosseum.

The full Classica will be just a little over 200 km.

A self-guided tour will lead you past the Parco Acquedotti, the volcanic hills of Frascati, through the olive fields to the foot of the Abruzzi. From there it is up to Poli and along the scenic hill-sides all the way to Tivoli. From Tivoli we cross the plains to the Riserva Naturale della Marcigilana to reach the halfway point at Ponte di Castel Giubileo.

From there we head north through the Valle Muricana to reach our most northern destination in Calcata Vecchia.

On our way home we pass Sacrofano and descend back to Rome, to end at Saint Peter’s Square.

If this is all too ambitious for you, you could also opt for the halfway exit. We deliberately included a stop at the end of the well-known Pista Ciclabile along the Tiber. From there it is an easy ride to Rome.

  • Self-guided does not mean you should be on your own. Of course we encourage you to ride the Classica with a group. If you subscribe as a solo rider, we will do our best to team you up with a group of comparable ability. If you would like to be paired with other riders, you should provide us with your average speed over your longer rides (with average altitudes).
  • Self-guided also means self-supported. This first Classica in Rome does not have support cars following the riders. You have to make sure your bike is in good condition, and you should bring materials to do basic repairs, especially for punctures.
  • Long rides like these require a lot of food and drinks. We do pass water taps along the way, and also several bars where you can get the basics. Having your own energy sources is always a good idea though.
  • Safety is important! We aim to have smaller groups, 10 people maximum. We will be riding on public roads. The route is mapped out avoiding the busiest roads, but will still pass a few points that require extra attention. Make sure you have decent lights on your bike. Talk to your team mates about warning each other for potholes or oncoming traffic. Obey traffic rules!
  • The organization cannot take any responsibility for accidents during the ride. Please be fair to yourself about your own shape, and don’t continue beyond exhaustion. Having said that: this is about moving mountains and pushing barriers. The route is designed to be a challenge – as is climate change.

The gpx-file of the Classica del Clima is available here.

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